One of the most important positions at the Intergroup Office is the Front Desk position.  When an A.A. member sits at that front desk, they are making sure the alcoholic who still suffers has someone available that they can talk to (whether by phone or in person).  Often, newcomers come in just looking for a safe place to hang out. Out-of-towners drop by to get a meeting list and find out where the clubs are. Members who are new to town stop in to build their first few relationships in a new city so that they don’t slip.  Occasionally, our front desk volunteers will receive 12 step calls as well.

The Front Desk volunteer also handles sales for the store during business hours. Training is provided. 1 year sobriety is required. To volunteer, sign up at our volunteer page.

If you are not able to fill this position regularly, but can be on call as a substitute for when our regular volunteers need to cancel, please sign up and let us know! Substitutes are always needed!