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The main reason for the existence of the intergroup office is to be there 24 hours a day, whenever someone reaches out for the hand of AA.

Most of us can't be office volunteers, or take 12th-step calls, but we all want to respond when that hand reaches for help.

Giving our support as a Faithful Fiver is one very effective way for us to do 12th-step work.

We can contribute our financial support even though we can't contribute our time.

We all hear that gratitude is an action verb, and this is one way for us to express our gratitude as recovering alcoholics.

Join The Faithful Fivers

“When we meet and defeat the temptation to take large gifts, we are
only being prudent. But when we give a token that we are grateful
for our blessing and evidence that we are eager to share what we
have found with others who still suffer.” — Bill W.

Every single AA service is designed to make 12th-step work possible. As a Faithful Fiver your personal contributions can and will make our vital services possible.

You can start with a minimum contribution of $5 or more.

Contributions are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code: 501 (c) (3)

P. 9 - Self Support Pamphlet

Print and fill out the form here and mail it to
Heartland Intergroup, Inc.
4204 S. Florida Ave., Ste. H.,
Lakeland, FL 33813-1669
or call our office at
(863) 688-0211
or just stop by.


I'm a Faithful Fiver because...

"I'm grateful to AA for saving my life and because of that, I try to be responsible and do my part".

Toni M.


"We need our Intergroup. Without Intergroup, we're incomplete".

Debbie E.


"I believe in supporting what keeps AA going in the area. I had money to drink".

Dillon D.








The Responsibility Statement

I am Responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that:
I am responsible.

Written by former A.A. trustee Al S. for the 1965
A.A. International Convention in Toronto